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What’s in a Free Ethos candle?

All of our candles are made in small batches and hand-poured in Chicago. We believe in keeping it simple and use 100% plant-based wax with no added ingredients or dyes. Each candle comes in a sustainable glass container that can be recycled, reused, and repurposed. Our premium fragrances are hand-selected, phthalate-free and made with essential oils. We only use cotton wicks with paper thread—no lead here! Every candle is shipped using eco-friendly packaging and purely recyclable materials.

Why coconut-soy wax?

Our premium coconut-soy blend is curated from 100% plant-based wax and is a better option than traditional paraffin waxes. Some benefits of opting for coconut-soy candles over traditional paraffin wax candles include:

-A longer, cleaner burn

-Plant-based wax is non-toxic

-Coconut-soy wax is 100% biodegradable

-Coconut and soy waxes are derived from natural vegetables

We use clean, simple ingredients in our candles to ensure the highest quality and a safe, healthy burn.

Are your fragrance oils phthalate-free?

Yes they are! Our fragrance oils are 100% phthalate-free and made with essential oils.

Are your candles vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes, our candles are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Are your candles eco-friendly?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on using sustainable glass containers that can be recycled, reused, or repurposed.



What are your shipping costs?

We ship free to anywhere in the U.S. on all orders $50+ and charge an $8 flat-rate fee on all orders under $50. 

How long will my order take to ship?

Shipping and processing usually take 3-5 days. You will receive an email once your order is shipped.

Do you ship outside of the U.S.

Not at the moment.

What if my package is damaged or broken during shipping?

We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. If you receive a candle that is damaged or broken, please reach out to us by email or using the contact form on our website—we would be happy to replace a broken or damaged item.



What are your return policies?

If you are not 100% happy with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days as long as you can provide proof of purchase. Shipping fees are not included in any refunds that cover the cost of items that are returned or exchanged.

If you wish to return or exchange your purchase, please contact us by email or fill out the provided form under the “Contact Us” tab.



Our 8oz candles burn for 50 hours! In order to get the most out of your candle, be sure to follow these tips:

-Always allow your candle to burn for at least 3-4 hours when you first burn. This allows the candle to achieve a clean wax pool. 

-Always trim the wick to 1/4th of an inch before burning. This reduces soot and extends the life of your candle. 

-Invest in a good candle snuffer. Candle snuffers are amazing and help minimize smoke when blowing out your candle.