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NEW! Iridescent Fall Collection
NEW! Iridescent Fall Collection
NEW! Iridescent Fall Collection
NEW! Iridescent Fall Collection
NEW! Iridescent Fall Collection
NEW! Iridescent Fall Collection

Free Ethos

NEW! Iridescent Fall Collection

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Your favorite Fall scents housed in our beautiful iridescent vessel. Our double-wick candles are clean-burning and feature a burn time of 80 hours. Each Free Ethos candle is made with 100% coconut-soy wax & phthalate-free fragrances, so you can feel safe burning your favorite scents. Read on to learn more about each fragrance profile featured in our Fall Collection.

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Apples & Cinnamon

Zesty orange peel brightens up ripe apple while spices like cinnamon and nutmeg help create a warm, rich apple scent.

Top Note: Orange Peel

Middle Note: Cinnamon

Base Note: Vanilla


Cranberry Woods

Combine tart cranberries with woodsy pine and fir and you have a beautiful Fall fragrance. Notes of cinnamon, currant, and vanilla add depth and perfect this scent.

Top Note: Cranberry

Middle Note: Red Currant

Base Note: Pine, Vanilla



Fill your home with the beautiful scent of crisp, Autumn air with Leaves. Base notes of cedar and pecan are highlighted by a touch of spice and tart apple to create the perfect Fall scent.

Top Note: Apple

Middle Note: Green Leaves

Base Note: Cedar


Cinnamon Chai Latte

Warm, invigorating spices like cinnamon and cardamom blend seamlessly with sweet vanilla and rich cream to create a silky, lush chai-inspired aroma.

Top Note: Cardamom

Middle Note: Nutmeg

Base Note: Black Tea, Vanilla


Sweather Weather

Fresh citrus, sweet floral notes, woodsy pine, and earthy sage complement the beautiful aroma of winter juniper in this cozy scent.

Top: Citrus

Middle: Berry

Base: Juniper


Pumpkin Caramel Swirl

 Creamy caramel and rich vanilla add a yummy twist to traditional pumpkin and create a mouth-watering gourmand scent that is perfect for the season.

Top Note: Butter

Middle Note: Pumpkin

Base Note: Vanilla, Caramel


Cinnamon & Vanilla

Creamy vanilla and cinnamon spice blend beautifully to create a yummy scent perfect for the season.

Top Note: Cinnamon

Middle Note: Cream

Base Note: Vanilla


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love the scent of fresh-baked cookies right out of the oven? Rich vanilla, sugar, and bittersweet cacao create an absolutely delectable, cozy scent.

Top Note: Cacao

Middle Note: Sugar

Base Note: Vanilla


Coffee Shop

A luxe symphony of warm vanilla, creamy caramel & bittersweet cacao blended together in perfect harmony on top of a rich coffee base.

Top: Vanilla Bean

Middle: Caramel

Base: Coffee Bean, Cacao


Sugar & Spice

Spiced apple, raisin, and rich notes like vanilla & butter create a beautiful bakery-inspired fragrance. Sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar, this aroma is a Fall dream.

Top Note: Cinnamon

Middle: Apple, Raisin

Base: Vanilla


Pine & Berries

Fresh spearmint is balanced out by rich woods and moss to create a fresh, festive scent, sweetened with vanilla and winter berries. 

Top Note: Spearmint

Middle Note: Pine, Berries

Base Note: Vanilla


Apple Orchard

Inspired by freshly-picked apples right from the tree. A true apple scent that is crisp, inviting and perfect for Fall.

 Top Note: Pear

Middle Note: Apple

Base Note: Vanilla


Pumpkin Spice Latte 

What’s Fall without a little PSL? Sweet pumpkin is highlighted by warm spices and sweet vanilla  to create a beautiful fragrance that smells just like the Fall-favorite.

Top Note: Cinnamon

Middle Note: Pumpkin

Base Note: Vanilla



Iridescent Vessel

Coconut-Soy Wax Blend 

Approximate burn time of 80 hours

Dimensions: 3.75" x 4.15"

Wax Weight: 14oz

Hand-poured in Small Batches

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